About Us

Scrap my car Scunthorpe provides a vehicle recycling facility for all car owners to dispose of their unwanted vehicles in whatever condition it may be in.


All vehicles are disposed and processed on-site at our vehicle de-pollution area. We operate alongside waste regulations (End Of Life Vehicles 2006). This authorises us to collect all End Of Life Vehicles within the local authority areas of Scunthorpe.


As an ELV treatment facility we will ensure:

  1. Issue the car owner with a certificate of destruction.

  2. Ensure our facility is operated with appropriate waste licences.

  3. Keep all records of ELV's and customers details to comply with scrap metal recycling legislation.

Payment Options

Scrap my car Scunthorpe offers various payment types to our customers including:


1. Instant Bank Transfer - Once we have recorded and verified your ID documents we can electronically transfer your money directly to your bank.(Payments are made instantly yet can take up to 24hrs to clear funds into your bank).


2. Cheque Payment - All cheque payments can be made on collection or delivery of the vehicle. (cheques can take up to 3-4 days to clear into your account)


3. Cash - Even though it is legal to pay cash for scrap cars if you are the owner of the vehicle and have the log book and keys, we still prefer to make payments via bank transfer, cheque or a pre-paid MasterCard.  Our drivers and office staff do not carry or hold cash at the office however we can make cash payments by arrangement. 



All persons recycling their vehicle with us need to provide valid ID documents which are stored electronically and securely in accordance with GDPR regulations. 


We are a registered Authorised Treatment Facility specialising in the recycling of vehicles. 


Once your vehicle has been recycled you will receive a DVLA certificate of destruction. 


• Trusted drivers with a minimum of 5-years of experience.


• Fully Insured.


• Thousands of happy customers across Scunthorpe!


ELV Recycling

Scrap my car Scunthorpe purchase hundreds of scrap vehicles weekly in and across the Birmingham region, so if you are looking for an easy solution to scrapping vehicles then look no further. 


We offer a reliable, quick and efficient solution to vehicle recycling. 


We work hard to ensure you get paid the best price for your scrap car...