Frequently asked questions

Q) Can I bring my vehicle into you myself?

A) Yes, of course. Please remember to bring photographic ID, vehicle log book and keys.

Q) What happens if I do not have a log book?

Please give us a call and we will help you through the process of contacting the DVLA, It is a simple matter of applying for a new logbook online.

Q) Can I be paid in cash?

By law we cannot pay cash for scrap metal however we are entitled to pay cash for ELV's providing you are the registered owner and you can present valid UK Identification. However please note we have limited cash on site as 99% of our payments are via bank transfer, cheques or onto Pre Paid Mastercard. Please give us a call to assist and explain our payment methods.

Q) Will you destroy my vehicle or will I see it driving around again?

We will follow all legislation and work closely with the DVLA to ensure that all vehicles are recycled/destroyed in accordance with UK legislation.